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Bionautics - PsychoLoops

by Kip Supernova

On my first day at the BASA Academy, we were told that everything would be feasible if you really wanted it and had the courage to pull it off. Well, many have courage and really want to do something - whatever that should be - but you have to be able to do it. Someone who is not good at mathematics is unlikely to win a prize at the Math Olympics, right? But enough of the chatter, I'm just boring you. I want to get straight to my story. Anyway, we had a subject called "Bionautics" and although I had majoring in quantum mechanics and astrophysics, this subject caught my interest - I signed up and promptly got a job: dive into the "bio-verse", but only virtually! Virtual? Okay, no problem! Quim lends me his NAO Robot from time to time (it actually comes from Earth, but Quim always claims he built the robot, and so on, even though I do not buy it from him). Together with Kiku, I developed a neuro-interface and linked my brain to the CPU brain of NAO. In addition one must explain that the neuro interface technology is nothing new on Baab, however, threatens with this technology the danger, its own brain too much to overload. Not a few pupils and students thought that this way they would be able to funnel school supplies into their skulls without having to learn or go to school themselves. Nope! The knowledge is in the head, but you can not retrieve it; Brain overloads and you go crazy. Over and out. Of course, I did not mind that, and instead used the interface to get into a virtual environment via NAO. That did not work at all - until I discovered that NAO had recorded one of my dreams in its CPU hardware (like a movie on video!). Dream-retrieval or even recall-recall would be possible, because let's face it: Who remembers his dreams? What's even better: You can use NAO's robot body as a "proxy" (called surrogate or avatar) and walk around in areas that are a bit too dangerous for my blue skin. The downside: NAO is not the biggest and fastest. But in the VR dream sequence, I discovered something different, or better said, someone! A PsychoLoop ...


You have to imagine it this way: I'm lying on my bed, the VR neuro-interface helmet on my head, connected to NAO. Through the fiber-plasma contacts my brain currents (ie, weak electrical impulses) are transferred to NAO's CPU and vice versa and converted into VR images. Later, you can watch your dream like a movie, or even "dream" the dream again, as you want. So I was on Pano, the neighbor planet of Baab, and met this green creature with only one eye and the reptile skin. It did not say a word (had no mouth), but I could "feel" its words in my head. It was not like reading minds, please do not get me wrong. It was rather a feeling, and I sensed a peaceful intention and a "Hey, come on, we'll take a look around" feeling. PsychoLoops - that's what these creatures call themselves, and this PsychoLoop introduced itself to me as a "ploom". Anyway, I had a "ploom feeling" in my head. It's a bit hard to describe, but maybe you'll try the neuro-interface, so maybe you'll understand what I mean. He (yes, one, PsychoLoops seem to be non-binary, but since they are telepaths, everyone makes their own picture of a loop, and to me, ploom is / was male.) It's also easier to describe than always from an id to talk) invited me to dive into the SlimeLake of Pano. Here I have to say that the Slime / Slime on Pano is a liquid that is permeated with green algae slime, which clings very gently to the body and caresses and weighs you ... you feel very light and graceful in the stuff. In my dream, I wore my goggles and a breath snorkel, and a special suit to protect me from radiation (and make me look like I'm naked, but that just looks like it.) The horrors have such things which no gender? Oh, whatever, further in the text ...).


The sub-slime world of Pano (like underwater world, funny) is truly like being in a dream one dreams of eating funny mushrooms before. Transparent corals, blubble algae and loads of fish. Actually, I hardly find words for this experience! Ploom was always by my side, explaining to me the connections between the slime and other living things that "lived in it." All Pano, so I got the knowledge about various emotions conveyed, is a single creature, and we sponge almost in his "brain". The PsychoLoops were the representatives of Pano's "brain" and embodied his consciousness. Through dreams, they communicated with other intelligent life forms, as they were unable to space travel. The dive and glide through the slime, the thoughts of Ploom and the mix of emotions was like a piece of music not to hear, but to feel and float in it and slide. When I woke up (or rather, the recording was over) and I removed the VR helmet, I looked at NAO and asked him, "NAO, calculate the likelihood of making a real trip to Pano." NAO promptly gave me the answer.

In the end, true insights into what happens in nature can only be gained through an on-site investigation. At the BASA Space Station in Baab orbit, there is a quantum technology laboratory. Much will be tested there, including the quantum teleportation, in which solid matter is converted into pure energy and then transported via a subspace signal to distant places. First, a short journey in a space capsule into orbit. Since I am still a student, I am not allowed to fly alone, so Quim, Kiku and Nao came along. Especially Kiku was interested in further exploration of Pano, as he had already been on the planet and wanted to investigate the PsychoLoops in more detail. At the last Dream-Sharing no PsychoLoops were to be seen, but a dolphin and lots of purple Glibber corals. Kiku suspects that there is a connection: the corals could possess psychokinetic energies and release them. But later, when the report is made on-site on Pano. So we traveled via the quantum teleportation to Pano: Kiku as astro-biologist, Quim in his role as engineer and then me. Nao flew ahead with a safety robot in a space capsule. Since robots do not need breathing air and so on, and their CPU brains are prone to the radiation released by quantum teleportation, traveling in the capsule was safer. We as biological forms of life had to wear a special suit that made us look naked - only I could start my boots, the rest of my body was sprayed with a thin protective layer that mimicked my blue skin color. This layer protects against radiation and the effects of quantum entanglement necessary for teleportation. It only takes a fraction of a second to travel through the subspace - time passes only outside the subspace channel through which we are sent as "data packets". It's kind of like sending a SpaceMail with your computer, but our biological bodies are quantum-shifted and projected and re-integrated at the destination: our atoms fall back into place and zap! Already we are there. There's nothing more to tell about teleporting: asking, how to "feel", and so on, is unnecessary because you do not spend time, you pass, and you do not really "see" or "feel" what. Green light, the sound of the generator and you're there: Planet Pano with its pink sky, red dwarf and extraordinary vegetation. The impressions of the planet and its surroundings are much more intense in reality than it was in the Dream Sharing ...


Traveling through the subspace via quantum teleportation is one way to get to Pano - the last chapter was a purely hypothetical consideration. I love to fly in a space glider to Pano - but it needs a special source of energy. The distance was a problem - about 10 billion kilometers - another a magnetic shield that should protect the travelers (so me, Quim and Kiku, but also NAO, whose electronics are not immune to radiation) from the radiation of our sun and other rays , Plumbonium is a newly discovered element found in the planetary rings around Baab, providing a tremendous source of exotic energy. The atomic nucleus in plumbonium is particularly strong, but extremely unstable. It can be transported in a vacuum and with a strong electromagnet (supplied with energy by the Plumbonium itself). Together with NAO, I have been able to generate a small amount of this energy at the BABA Space Station. It's like watching a little sun grow. Incidentally, it is not recommended to generate plumbonium radiation and the resulting plasma energy at the bottom of a planet! Our Plumbonium power plants and the resulting energy, which we call Xeno-T1, are all located in orbital space stations in Baab. Wireless transmission allows Xeno-T1 to be transferred to any location and power any technology. Incidentally, I traveled to the space station myself via one of the five large space elevators that are distributed on all 5 megacities on Baab. Our planet has a huge mega-continent and a few small islands, the Kontinet itself is divided into 5 districts that together form a gigantic network of cities: Opal City (where I live), Azura, Cobalt Island, Xenotopia and SaphiraTopia. But only on the edge; We can talk about the geography and urbanization of Baab another time. Back to my mission to Pano ... The spaceplane SUPERNOVA 1 is charged with Plumbonium, NAO is connected to the on-board computer BING ALPHA and programmed the space glider, Quim, Kiku and I wear special spacesuits with a special radiation protection coating ... it let's go. On to Pano!


If you have something planned and really want something, then you can do it. At least that's what people say, and especially those who are very successful in what they do. But it takes more than just the will - you also have to have the courage to take the first step. It also takes courage to fail, because there is no guarantee for any idea, project or mission that it will be successful. Okay, what "success" means is very subjective: is money, fame and wealth success? Or the certainty of having reached a certain goal is already a success? Confirmation that you were "right"? That depends on what goal you are. If money and wealth are the goal, then the success will probably show in bare numbers on the bank statement. What strikes me again and again is that people are patting their backs on those who have been or are mostly dependent on other people's performance / support to achieve their goals. The saleswoman, who fulfilled her "dream to become a kindergarten teacher" on the second educational path and who smiled at herself for 90 minutes, just to mention in two small lines how "proud she was of her husband and son "- which means in plain language that her worthy spouse has funded the fun with his salary. Because: Without money, almost nothing happens to people. And that is exactly the brake pad in the engine of progress - which we have fortunately overcome for a long time on Baab!

Back to my very own mission: I'm studying quantum cybernetic and astrophysics, and my goal is Planet Pano. I was already on the dream sharing on this planet. The process is very complex and expensive - I hooked my brain to the CPU of NAO the Robot, which in turn was connected to psi-waves by a being named PsychoLoop. I suspect the PsychoLoops are the original inhabitants of Pano, who can only take shape in the dreams of other intelligent beings and present the beauty of their world. To check if PsychoLoops also exist physically, I have to make a trip to Pano. Since I am still a student, my mentor must accompany me Quim Tampeo (robotics expert and BASA engineer). Also included is Kiku, my cousin. He is an astro-biologist and also at BASA as a scientific advisor and pilot. NAO the Robot helped us manufacture a plumbonium battery for the spaceship. Since Pano was 10 billion kilometers away - 10 days flight with conventional rocket propulsion - a special drive is needed. The XENO-T1 is one of the first spaceships to be equipped with a photon drive. Only this drive needs exotic energy - Plumbonium! This nuclear energy has the advantage that the radiation is very low and not lethal. But: It is extremely unstable and explosive! However, NAO was able to provide us with exact calculations in order to have the drive installed trouble-free and safe. A photon-powered Pano flight will only take 4 hours. We also have measuring equipment, provisions and, of course, recording equipment. On my cap, I wear protective goggles with nanometer-sized particles embedded in their lenses, which can be equipped with neuro-visual sensors to record the entire environment in 360 degree mode. In addition to the audio-visual impressions, my glasses also record my thoughts and feelings in order to create a realistic image of the mission. To come back to my words at the beginning of this chapter: It takes courage - courage to venture, but also courage to fail. Without this risk, there can be no progress. If you want to know if the PsychoLoops also exist as real beings, or just a "dream" of the living thing Pano, you have to visit Pano itself. I look forward to it!


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