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All recordings from the Neuronal Stimulator and Videologs, made by scientists Zebo and Quiploc and selected aliens as subjects. The recordings are subject to the highest level of secrecy of the Star Alliance Agreement, signed by representatives of the planets Coba, Reptilion and Zogunia.

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Welcome to Zogunia, my name is Zepo and I'm the head of a secret mission to explore alien planets and their inhabitants. Our mission is to explore feelings like love and pleasure, and to see for ourselves what other beings understand by them. Zogunia is a very warm, humid planet that mainly grows slime fungi and algae. We call ourselves "Mushroom Aliens" because we love the biotope where mushrooms thrive best. As amphibious beings, we Zogunians have no noses and breathe through our skin, which is why high humidity and lots of mucus on our skin is important for our survival.

[ Accord Star Alliance Rights of the Aliens ]

No aliens were harmed during the experiments. Neither physically nor psychologically are our subjects coerced into any actions. We pay attention to the observance of the Star Alliance Agreement, signed by representatives of the planets Coba, Reptilion and Zogunia.

Während der Experimente kamen keine Aliens zu schaden. Weder physisch noch psychisch werden unsere Probanden zu irgendwelchen Handlungen genötigt. Wir achten auf die Einhaltung des Abkommens der Sternenallianz, unterzeichnet von Vertretern der Planeten Coba, Reptilion und Zogunia.

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All characters are fictional Alien characters. Some of them are made by Kip Supernova, some of them are from popular movies or animations. The stories on this website are fanfictions, the pictures are fanart projects.


Zogunia Research Center for Alien Lifeforms

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