Mushroom Aliens


[ PROJECT 002 ] [ GROGU ]
Unknown species [QUIPLOC]

Surprising discovery of an unknown species that visits our planet in the mushroom forests and seems to be very curious. The creature is vaguely reminiscent of a gremlin, but looks friendly and more peaceful. I will investigate it further and would like to do a mating experiment with it. I will record everything with the neurostimulator.

[ PROJECT 001 ] [ MEWTWO ]
[ ZEBO ]

Additional entry: I entered into an agreement with the being Mewtwo. It is a very beautiful creature and a night of love with this creature would be a great advancement in our mission. I'm starting the game TETRIS and will present the results in the next video log. The first contact with the being Mewtwo was successful. I have successfully fulfilled his requirements to get 5000 points in the game called Tetris.


Very good, with that we get a very strong, mysterious being whose feelings are very hidden, as a test subject. I arrange for everyone to ensure that the experiment is also recorded.


Look bro, Zebo's experiment with Mewtwo is just starting. I envy him because Mewtwo looks so beautiful and charming. He actually wants to record the night of love with the neural stimulator. If we're lucky, we'll get to the shot without him noticing.


The Neuronal Stimulator is used for our research on alien life forms. This technology allows us to register brainwaves of intelligent life forms. In addition, the device can also record and play back the brain waves of an individual. We are able to mimic the thoughts, feelings, and even dreams of other life forms. If the recorded brainwaves are played back onto another life form, it will feel the same feelings as the individual whose thoughts were recorded.


Hello, we are Torx and Porx, twin brothers and members of the extraterrestrial life research team. We are mainly here in the laboratory and monitor the technical devices. Help and robots and computers. Unfortunately, we are denied access to the secret data, but that doesn't matter, because when we're bored, we're happy to use Doctor Zepo's thought machine, but he mustn't know anything about it. With this first video entry we end today's working day and are now closing time.


Hello, my name is Quiploc and I am Zepo's scientific assistant. My job is to research the lives of alien, extraterrestrial beings. My task is to prepare the first contact between other beings and our own species by telepathically fathoming the greatest desires and longings of these beings. With a ritual - the slime bath - other beings who are worthy are then accepted into our community. I have also developed technology that allows me to record and play back the thoughts and feelings of other beings. This allows me to better understand other beings. We hope to share our insights with you.

[ Zogunia Institute for Alien Lifeforms ]

Welcome to Zogunia, my name is Zepo and I'm the head of a secret mission to explore alien planets and their inhabitants. Our mission is to explore feelings like love and pleasure, and to see for ourselves what other beings understand by them. Zogunia is a very warm, humid planet that mainly grows slime fungi and algae. We call ourselves "Mushroom Aliens" because we love the biotope where mushrooms thrive best. As amphibious beings, we Zogunians have no noses and breathe through our skin, which is why high humidity and lots of mucus on our skin is important for our survival.


Zogunia Research Center for Alien Lifeforms

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